Think Tank Tells Swiss National Bank to Launch Swiss Franc Token, Embrace DLT

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

Retail Giant Carrefour Saw Sales Boost From Blockchain Tracking

French retail giant Carrefour has attributed a recent increase in sales to its use of blockchain tracking.

Carrefour’s blockchain project manager Emmanuel Delerm told Reuters on Monday that the use of blockchain ledger technology to track meat, milk and fruit from farm to supermarket has increased sales of these products.

According to Delerm, blockchain tracking has been particularly successful in China, where shoppers are more used to scanning QR codes. The initiative likewise proved to be popular in Italy and France, where buyers reportedly spend as long as 90 seconds reading merchandise information.

With the firm’s blockchain tracking – built with IBM Blockchain – customers can scan a QR barcode on a product with their phone and obtain information such as its date of harvest, farm location and owner, packing date, how long it was transported, and tips on how to prepare it.

“The pomelo [a citrus fruit] sold faster than the year before due to blockchain. We had a positive impact on the chicken versus the non-blockchain chicken,” Delerm said.

Carrefour initially launched blockchain information for 20 items, including chicken, eggs, raw milk, oranges, pork, and cheese, according to the report. Now, the retailer intends to add 100 more products to the system, particularly focusing on products for which consumers want reassurance, such as baby and organic products.

The tech creates a “halo effect,” meaning if shoppers feel they can trust one Carrefour product, they will also trust other items, Delerm said.

There are still challenges to blockchain tracking however – particularly in tracking fruit and vegetables sold loose and sourced from a number of farms. There is also some resistance from farmers to sharing too much information, according Delerm.

Carrefour is also working with Nestle, allowing the Swiss food and drinks giant access to its blockchain data for its Mousline potato puree so buyers can see that the produce is sourced from French farms

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EOS Polls Show Overwhelming Support for Slashed Inflation Rate

EOS Polls Show Overwhelming Support for Slashed Inflation Rate

According to an online poll result released on June 1, 2019, statistics show that EOS account holders have voted in favor of a massive slash in the annual inflation rate, from five to one percent.

The poll comes as a result of the excess inflation rate accumulated over time on the platform’s account.

EOS Community Votes for 1% Inflation Rate

With a current annual inflation rate of five percent, four percent of that inflation rate was sent to the eosio.saving account, while one percent went to block producers (BP) who run the network. With 3.6 million EOS tokens stored monthly on the account, March 2019 saw a total of 28.75 million EOS tokens.

Furthermore, the figure has steadily increased due to compounding inflation, which could make the network vulnerable to hackers.

Giving the reason for the proposal, the publication stated:

“This large quantity of accumulated tokens has now become excessive and if we continue to allow it to keep growing, it will eventually become an attack vector for the network. It is therefore time to turn the tap off and reduce the level of inflation down from an unnecessarily high 5% to a more reasonable 1% by cutting out the 4% that’s being generated and sent to the eosio.saving account.”

The smart contract platform then opened an online poll 88 days prior, to determine if holders were in favor of the reduction in the annual inflation rate, or against the proposal.

After nearly three months since the beginning of the polls, the results revealed that out of 778 EOS accounts, only 2.7 percent participated. Furthermore, the community was generally in favor of a reduction to one percent, following a 100 percent approval.

The implication of the community’s agreement to slash inflation rate means that it might diminish the incentive for hackers to attack the network.

Cashing in on the Buzz

However, the publication maintains that a one percent inflation rate reserved for block producers remains. Thus, the community might need to compromise and set the rate at above one percent to preserve the incentive for block producers.

As recently reported by BTCManager, announced plans to launch a blockchain-based social media platform, Voice, that would run on the EOS blockchain.

Also, the controversial stablecoin Tether (USDT) revealed its intentions to launch on the EOS blockchain platform. Furthermore, the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the U.S., Coinbase announced towards the end of May 2019 that addition of EOS on its platform.

Back in March 2019, a cryptocurrency ranking released by the Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) in China showing the top ten cryptos placed EOS as the number one virtual coin.

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How to Use a Physical Security Key to Safeguard Your Exchange Account

How to Use a Physical Security Key to Safeguard Your Exchange Account

If you are keeping funds on a cryptocurrency platform such as a centralized exchange it is highly advisable you make sure your accounts are as safe as possible. Using a physical security key can greatly help with this as well as safeguarding other private services such as email and cloud storage.

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Secure Your Crypto Accounts With a Physical Key

A physical security key is a piece of hardware used for verifying you have permission to access sensitive online services. It can be used for securing accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges employing two-factor authentication, replacing more vulnerable methods such as receiving verification codes via SMS. It greatly reduces the risk of hackers remotely taking over your account with cyber attacks such as phone porting, as they now need to have the actual device in their hands to gain access to your account.

How to Use a Physical Security Key to Safeguard Your Exchange Account Screenshot

One such physical security tool for crypto exchange accounts is Yubikey, which supports platforms such as Bitbay, Bitfinex, Bitmex and Kraken, among hundreds of other services. It is a line of small USB devices that fit into your computer and verify authentication with the press of a button. Many more platforms can be used with these tools and Coinbase exchange recently announced it is also gradually rolling out support for universal second factor security keys to its users, calling them “the gold standard of modern account security.”

Are you using any devices to secure your cryptocurrency holdings? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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火星一线 | 波场孙宇晨:拟邀吴忌寒、李林、Vitalik共赴巴菲特慈善午宴

火星财经APP(微信:hxcj24h)一线报道,波场TRON创始人孙宇晨于今日凌晨在微博中表示,其本人已成为第二十届“巴菲特慈善午餐”的最终竞拍赢家,以创记录高价456.7888万美元(约合人民币3154.03万元)——较2018年的3300100美元高出1267788美元—— 拍下“巴菲特慈善午餐”。






赵长鹏在推特中透露,“孙宇晨已经邀请我了,但是太远了,我没办法过去,不过我强烈建议邀请Morgan Creek Digital联合创始人Anthony Pompliano”。




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比特币挖光了矿工怎么办 靠交易费稳吗?

金色财经 比特币6月4日讯 到目前为止,有超过83%的比特币将会被开采出来,预计到2040年,有超过99%的比特币会被开采出来。那么问题来了,当所有比特币都被挖出来之后,会发生什么呢? 






















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