Beyond Government: Embracing Self-Governance and Rejecting Mainstream Erotica

There are many new entrants in the crypto ecosystem yearning for regulations and praising government. More folks with these notions emerge regularly. They believe regulatory oversight is necessary to provide crypto with a sense of “respectability.”

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Beyond Government: Embracing Self-Governance and Rejecting Mainstream Erotica

For these individuals, political involvement in crypto is a foregone conclusion. However, they forget that regulation is a threat of harm concealed by fancy rhetoric.

Regulation stifles innovation and chokes the entrepreneurial spirit. It is antithetical to the technological imagination and it is wholly uncivilized. The crypto industry must ultimately reject regulations and work toward embracing self-governance models. They must begin paving the path toward freedom. That is true “respectability.”

Mainstream Erotica at Crypto Conferences

I attend a lot of cryptocurrency conferences. As the communications ambassador for, I speak on many panels with other professionals. I have had the opportunity to witness our ecosystem evolve and change and suffer. I have seen the crypto-anarchist dream eroded by mainstream erotica; the erotica of violence and barbarism. These sycophants have brought their love of politics and worship of government into a traditionally anti-government space.

Some of this infiltration is expected. As a technology and community grows, it tends to absorb the most deeply embedded aspects of the dominant culture. This means people from the legacy financial system and various political sectors will begin to influence the space with their antiquated, violent ideas. It is already happening.

Blind Trust in Rules and Regulations

At the most recent event I attended in Las Vegas, called World Crypto Con, I was on a Beyond Government: Embracing Self-Governance and Rejecting Mainstream Eroticapanel about crypto adoption. At one point of the discussion, the moderator asked the gentleman next to me if he trusted government to issue currency and handle the economy.

Without missing a beat, he said, “yes, I trust them.”

He went on to explain the importance of having more government in our space to provide it with more respectability and allow cryptocurrency to continue growing and spreading. He made this non-argument just after I explained how governments devalue currency and use inflation to initiate silent theft on the population.

Selling out with Stablecoins

Another member of the panel works for a company called Stronghold that tried to put the U.S. dollar on the blockchain in the form of a stablecoin. She made the case that crypto must be attached to the dollar to gain respectability and be ready for mass adoption.

However, that is not the purpose of cryptocurrency. Connecting it to the legacy system is backwards. It is akin to throwing away a decade of innovation in order to capitulate to the broken system. It is delirium and madness. I call it selling out, and it takes a certain lack of courage to travel down this route.

Keeping the Ecosystem on Track

What I have experienced is still just my personal experience. It is not absolute evidence of what’s happening in our space, but I believe a glance at the common language used across our industry provides evidence of devolution into mainstream politicking. In this sense, the industry needs two things to happen in order to get the ecosystem back on track:

  • Anarchist and libertarian leaders and role models. The cryptocurrency space needs more entrepreneurs who are willing to work in the space on principle rather than just for the purpose of earning a fortune. Making money is great, as I have said elsewhere, but in order to truly better our way of life and move blockchain tech forward, the values of freedom must be promoted regularly. This will help keep the detritus from congealing within the industry and engineering a poisonous environment.
  • Mass Adoption. Speaking on liberty an freedom is not enough, though. More importantly, everyone in the space should also be racing to spread cryptocurrency far and wide. It’s not some random and sketchy blockchain product that is the killer application for the technology. Cryptocurrency is the killer app. And it is the conduit through which people will realize their freedom. If the technology is not massively accepted across society, it is likely the ecosystem will continue to breed pseudo-entrepreneurs who loathe freedom. They will be the ones interested in perpetuating Ponzi schemes and selling multilevel marketing gimmicks. This is why also I spend a lot of my time setting up crypto wallets and giving away free bitcoin cash. 

Embracing Self-Governance

Beyond Government: Embracing Self-Governance and Rejecting Mainstream Erotica

The truth is the tech is just a tool. The cypherpunks created it to provide the individual with more freedom, privacy and autonomy. That is true. However, people can still wield it to hurt others. That is not what the industry wants or needs. In order to push the community forward, everyone must embrace self-governance.

Self-governance is the realization that the community possesses the tools to govern itself. It does not needs gods or masters. Bureaucrats do not have the acumen or integrity to make decisions for blockchain participants. Members of the community now have the technology to weed out bad actors and promote a healthy, thriving ecosystem.

The crypto community must be diligent, though. Mainstream erotica is all-pervasive. The political mentality pulses with life in all the streets and alleys of modern culture; and like a spreading plague, it will exploit weaknesses in the body of society in order to thoroughly infect it.

Rigidly maintaining the self-governance mentality is thus the only way to combat politics and create a truly peaceful and civilized world.

Do you believe we can oust government and create an ecosystem of self-governance? Is government necessary at all? 

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EOS Price Analysis – November 9


EOS Price Analysis – November 9


Eos, EOSUSD, Cryptocompare chartEOS Chart by TradingView

EOSUSD Price Medium-term Trend: Bearish

Supply zones: $9.00, $10.00, $11.00

Demand zones: $3.00, $2.00, $1.00

EOS in a bearish trend in its medium-term outlook. The bearish pressure continued after the bullish pullback to $5.62 in the supply area with the formation of two inverted hammers around the 10-EMA. $5.49 in the demand area at the 50 –EMA was low the bears could reach.

The price has broken the diagonal line of the Fibonacci and is below the 10-EMA – a strong indication of bearish continuation. The stochastic oscillator is in the oversold region at 13% and its signal points down which implies downward price movement in price as the bears intensify the efforts towards the target with more candles formed and closed below the EMA.

$5.46 which is the 50.0 fib area will be the initial target with the 61.8 at $5.37 in the demand area as the final target.

EOSUSD Price Short-term Trend: Bearish

Eos, EOSUSD, Cryptocompare chartEOS Chart by TradingView

EOS returns to a bearish trend in its short-term outlook. The bear pressure kept the momentum as EOSUSD made a low of $5.49. After a bullish 1-hour opening at $5.51 and a brief push to $5.71 in the supply area, earlier today the bears returned and pushed EOSUSD initially down to $5.52 in the demand area.

The head and shoulder pattern is seen formed in the short-term. A retest of $5.40 in the demand area will open up $5.30 as a take as the bears’ pressure becomes much stronger.



The views and opinions expressed here do not reflect that of and do not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research.


推荐阅读:泰国换汇公司Super Rich计划为游客提供加密货币汇兑服务


周四,据泰媒的报道,泰国SEC预计在本月批准国内首个ICO网站,并在第二个月批准首个ICO项目。根据《国家报》的报道,泰国SEC的秘书长拉比•苏查里塔库(Rapee Sucharitakul)表示:








这些交易所是Bitcoin Co. Ltd. (Bx)、Bitkub Online、Cash2coins、Satang Corporation (Tdax)、Coin Asset Co、Southeast Asia Digital Exchange(Seadex)。目前,而Coins Th.是唯一一家已经暂时获准作为加密货币商进行经营的公司。


Thanawat Lertwattanarak.

Jaymart Plc旗下的J Ventures公司已经在发展多个关于公司代币jfincoin的项目。Jaymart Plc.是一个在泰国证交所上市的公司。该公司的主要业务是手机和技术配件的批发和零售。

泰国媒体Prachachat 在10月21日报道,J Ventures的首席执行官Thanawat Lertwattanarak表示,公司正在“加快其去中心化数字借贷平台Jfin的开发”,共有四个阶段(包括P2P借贷)。此外,该媒体还报道称,他透露,使用Jfin的钱包可以在Jaymart的商店使用jfincoin消费,例如买咖啡或者手机。

发文时比特币现金(BCH)的价格是:¥ 4132.45


图片来源:Shutterstock、Thai SEC、Matichon。


作者:Kevin Helms

Spanish Bank BBVA Issues $150M Loan Using Ethereum

Spanish bank BBVA has officially issued a loan via the Ethereum blockchain. As reported by Finance Magnates, BBVA, Spain’s second-largest bank, is working on a pilot program that will issue loans using Ethereum (ETH). In the recently issued loan, Spain’s national electricity company, Red Electrica, received funding from BBVA.

This transaction represents the first real-world use of BBVA’s pilot program, and was no small test.

It is reported that the loan was valued at $150M, although it’s unclear how much was transacted using ETH. BBVA also hasn’t disclosed what currency was used to transact. The report also does not include whether it was ETH or something with less volatility, such as a stablecoin.

BBVA’s loan was what is referred to as a syndicated loan. A syndicated loan is one that splits up one borrower between multiple lenders. This allows the borrower to borrow larger amounts, while also reducing risk by spreading the loan through different lenders.

In this case, the three lenders are BBVA, MUFG (Japan), and BNP Paribas (France), and all three banks have shown interest in using blockchain technology. Previously, MUFG (the fourth largest bank in the world) has researched using their own cryptocurrency, while BNP has been in talks looking to build their own blockchain. 

The Future Of Finance?

This example shows the benefits to using cryptocurrency over traditional systems. According to BBVA, the current loan system (which is valued at 4.6 trillion euros), takes weeks to process transactions. Ethereum transactions, on the other hand, can be completed within hours.

Blockchain tech has also been touted as a great way to store signatures and contract terms, all time-stamped by which block they were included in. This means that ETH transactions can be referenced forever, whenever lenders or borrowers want to double-check the details of their loan. This could mean reduced costs and increased security for the issuance of loans:

Everything is automatically recorded by the system, in terms of back office and operational costs.

Canadian Bank Set to Launch Uncheckable ‘Deposit Box’ for Cryptocurrency

A subsidiary of Canadian financial institution VersaBank confirmed it had finished beta testing of a “digital vault” for storing cryptocurrency in a press release Nov. 8.

VersaVault, which announced its so-called “digital safety deposit box” in February, is aiming to attract crypto exchanges and funds as clients for the new tool.

The product provides cryptocurrency storage on servers dotted throughout the world, the deposit box element lying in the fact the bank itself can neither brute force the digital ‘boxes’ nor know their contents.

“While many are considering ideas and plans for a digital safety deposit box, we have designed and built it, and are now commercializing a first of its kind service,” David Taylor, president and CEO of VersaBank and VersaVault commented in the press release, adding:

“…The VersaVault will now begin rolling out services to cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto investment funds.”

The move takes the relatively unknown VersaBank along the same trajectory as several players in Europe.

As Cointelegraph reported, Lichtenstein’s Bank Frick released cold storage of cryptocurrency funds as part of its in-house offer earlier this year, while fellow institution Union Bank announced a pivot to become fully focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain in August.

The heavyweights of cryptocurrency storage still reside within the industry itself, institutions making use of services such as Xapo’s physical storage in Swiss vaults.

Cardano Price Analysis: ADA/USD Could Correct Towards $0.075

Key Highlights

  • ADA price traded above the $0.0800 resistance before correcting lower against the US Dollar (tethered).
  • There was a break below a major bullish trend line with support at $0.0785 on the hourly chart of the ADA/USD pair (data feed via Bittrex).
  • The pair remains at a risk of more declines below the $0.0770 and $0.0760 levels in the near term.

Cardano price is currently correcting lower against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ADA/USD could slide towards $0.0750 if sellers remain in action in the coming sessions.

Cardano Price Analysis

In the last analysis, we discussed that cardano price could climb higher towards the $0.0800 level against the US Dollar. The ADA/USD pair did gain pace and it not only tested the $0.0800 level, but buyers pushed the price towards $0.0820. A high was formed at $0.0821 and settled above the 100 hourly simple moving average. Later, there was a downside correction and the price declined below $0.0800.

During the slide, there was a break below a major bullish trend line with support at $0.0785 on the hourly chart of the ADA/USD pair. The price also declined below $0.0790 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. It traded as low as $0.0766 and is currently correcting higher. An initial resistance is 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level of the last decline from the $0.0821 high to $0.0766 low. However, there is also a major bearish trend line with resistance at $0.0780 on the same chart. Therefore, an upside break above $0.0780 may push the price back above the $0.0800 level.

Cardano Price Analysis ADA Chart

The chart indicates that ADA price is at a risk of a downside break towards the $0.0750 support. If sellers remain in action, the price may perhaps slide further towards the $0.0737 support area.

Hourly MACD – The MACD for ADA/USD is slowly moving in the bearish zone.

Hourly RSI – The RSI for ADA/USD is moving higher and it could settle above the 50 level.

Major Support Level – $0.0750

Major Resistance Level – $0.0780

Crypto Investors Can Now Buy Aircraft With Binance Coin (BNB)

Although many pundits disagree on the short-term prospects for digital assets, the push for adoption is a bandwagon that crypto investors, insiders, and leaders alike can easily hop onto. Hence why many were over the moon, so to speak, when Changpeng Zhao revealed that Binance Coin (BNB), an ERC20 token on Ethereum, could be used to purchase an aircraft.

Binance CEO: “#UseBNB To Buy Airplanes”

On Thursday, Aeron, a startup with aspirations of “saving people’s lives” through blockchain technologies, revealed that one of its ventures, Pilot Shop, had listed an aircraft for sale. Interestingly, while the plane, a well-kept Columbia 350 from 2007, was listed for 268,000 Euros, Pilot Shop revealed that it would accept Aeron tokens (ARN) and Binance Coin (BNB) in exchange for the hunk of metal. At the time of press, prospective buyers will need to fork over ~31,603 BNB or 446,666 ARN tokens to purchase the aircraft, which is currently based in Austria.

Zhao, who once explained that he would “personally shill projects that integrate BNB into their ecosystem,” took to Twitter to relay the crypto-friendly development, issuing a short, but sweet message highlighting this interesting and unexpected case of adoption.

The announcement comes just days after Tokyo-based Hinomaru Limousine, in collaboration with Remixpoint, reportedly released a plan to integrate Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum payments into its transportation services. Per Bloomberg’s insider sources, Hinomaru will likely be enabling crypto payments for limousine rides between Tokyo’s 23 wards and either Haneda or Narita, two of the region’s most popular airports.

Hublot, a world-renowned Swiss watchmaking brand, also unveiled limited support for crypto payments, releasing the exclusive “BIG BANG P2P” watch, a Bitcoin-inspired timepiece created to celebrate the cryptocurrency’s 10th anniversary.

So now, affluent crypto enthusiasts will be able to purchase artisanal timepieces, limousine rides, and a four-person aircraft through the decentralized digital asset ecosystem. And don’t forget Roy Niederhoffer’s New York mansion, which the hedge fund manager recently listed on the open market for a jaw-dropping $15.9 million, or the equivalent in BTC.

Binance Coin Gains Traction In Payments

It is important to note that the aircraft’s unnamed owner isn’t alone in his or her’s move to accept BNB, as a quickly swelling number of outlets have unveiled that they will be supporting Binance’s native digital asset as a viable mode of payment and utility., for example, recently shipped the first batch of its Monaco Visa cards to consumers in Singapore. The program, which was anticipated by over 100,000 crypto investors, allows users to purchase real-world items for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monaco, and Binance Coin. Monaco, which also offers cashback rewards in crypto, travel benefits, free ATM withdrawals, and tap-to-pay functionality, somehow comes in at a staggering $0, which is likely a price point that has consumers clamoring. And ultimately, a price point that will only bolster the adoption of crypto assets and blockchain technologies.

Other prominent platforms that accept or utilize BNB include PundiX, Kyber Network, Coinbates, Nexo, and, of course, Binance itself.

Binance, releasing a message of excitement to accompany this adoption-accentuating list (seen above), noted that “new use cases for BNB are popping up every day.” This, interestingly, underscores the theme of this nascent industry’s continual steps towards maturation, even in spite of the crypto market’s dismal performance in 2018.

Featured Image From Shutterstock

Tron (TRX) Price Analysis – November 9


Tron (TRX) Price Analysis – November 9


TRX, TRXUSD, Cryptocompare chartTron Chart by TradingView

TRX/USD Medium-term Trend: Bearish

Supply zones: $0.02800, $0.02900, $0.03000
Demand zones: $0.01700, $0.01600, $0.01500

TRX remains in a bearish trend in its medium-term outlook. The pullback by the bulls after the break at the 50-EMA pushed TRXUSD to $0.02397 in the supply area. A further upward movement was rejected by the 10-EMA that served as a strong resistance. The formation of a bearish pinbar around the resistance area was a good confluence for the bears’ takeover. The strong bearish pressure ensured that the 50.0 fib level predicted in yesterday’sanalysis was attained. $0.02311 in the demand area was the low late yesterday.

The 4-hour opening candle at $0.02320 closes as a bullish spinning top. It implies a bullish pullback may occur but it is to correct the market before a downtrend continuation.

The price is below the two EMAs around the 50.0 fib level, the stochastic oscillator is in the oversold region at 8% and its signal point down which suggests downward price movement due to the bears’ pressure in the medium-term.

61.8 fib level is still on the cards and this may be attained as the bears increase their momentum as they journey south.

TRX/USD Short-term Trend: Bearish

TRX, TRXUSD, Cryptocompare chartTron Chart by TradingView

The cryptocurrency continues in a bearish trend in its short-term outlook. The strong bear pressure sustained the ride down south with a new low at $0.02317 in the demand area late yesterday. The bulls’ efforts for a comeback were rejected by either the 10 or the 50-EMA as resistance against upward price movement.

$0.023121 in demand area was retested earlier today as the journey down south continues.

The price is creating a lower high and lower low scenario that are unique features of a down trending market. The EMAs are fanned apart which connotes strength in the context of the trend.

The stochastic oscillator in the oversold region at 13%, sellers zone, therefore, the bears may step up momentum to the downside in the short-term with $0.02240 in the demand area as an initial target.




The views and opinions expressed here do not reflect that of and do not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research.

Young Man Waterboarded and Waxed by ‘Friends’ Who Wanted His Crypto-Wallet Password

Young Man Waterboarded and Waxed by 'Friends' Who Wanted His Crypto-Wallet Password Uncategorized

Young Man Waterboarded and Waxed by ‘Friends’ Who Wanted His Crypto-Wallet Password

A main rule of crypto ought to be ‘don’t tell your friends you have crypto.’ One man violated this unspoken rule and paid a rather gruesome price.

The Kid Is an Easy Mark…

After a boozy night out on the town, a group of well-heeled young whippersnappers decided to honor to the fraternal code of friendship and make sure that one of their entourage made it home safely. According to The New York Post, the motley crew — David Leica, Steven Dorn, Chris David, and Stephen Orso — accompanied Nicolas Truglia to his luxury apartment in Manhattan. 

Apparently, the group of privileged young men knew that their friend was flush from his crypto holdings and they proceeded to apply an array of extremely cruel and unusual interrogation techniques in order to coerce Truglia to hand over the login and password details to his crypto accounts.

According to court documents, Stephen Orso demanded that Truglia

provide him with login information for his cryptocurrency accounts while holding his head underwater in the bathtub, punching him in the stomach and throwing hot wax on him.

The peculiar aspect has to do with the youngsters involved in the robbery, who were certainly not short on cash. Orso is the son of a successful venture capitalist. His friends also appear to be well off as well —frequent social media posts displaying red carpet events in the presence of celebrity athletes, musicians, and models.

The Plot Thickens

Surveillance footage from the high-rise shows the group leaving the premises roughly two hours later. David can be seen “concealing a rectangular object under his sweatshirt consistent with a laptop computer.” Truglia awoke the next morning to find his iPhone, laptop, and hard wallet missing. He is certain that his ‘friends’ pulled a fast one on him, as he was able to ping his iPhone the morning after the assault and the location app showed his phone near an apartment shared by his ‘friends’.

As if this wasn’t enough, the plot becomes even more obtuse. The next day Lecia returned Truglia’s iPhone via an Uber, and David supposedly returned a wax splattered laptop to the victim shortly thereafter.

A lawyer representing the alleged burglars said the accusations against her clients are “outright falsehoods,” and that her clients were merely being good samaritans “helping a person who had overimbibed” get home safely.

Each defendant has been charged with one count of second-degree burglary and the men are expected back in court on March 14.

What are your thoughts on crypto robbery and assault, along with its consequences? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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shutterstock_623078429-300x200在总统埃马纽埃尔·马克龙(Emmanuel Macron)的领导下,法国正在努力打造成为企业的天堂,包括加密货币企业。今年初,马克龙(Macron)推出了《企业增长与转型行动计划》(PACTE),其中包括为在法国经营的企业提供便利,为ICO融资出台法律指导方针。

9月,法国议会通过一项法律,为ICO提供了指导方针。财政部长布鲁诺·勒梅尔(Bruno Le Maire)在宣布新立法时表示,这个立法框架授权法国金融监管部门为有意在法国发行ICO的企业发放许可,但前提是“这些项目要为投资者提供具体的保障”。






作者:Jeffrey Gogo